Dynamic Energy Transmissions
for Artists and Animals

Performance Enhancement through Dynamic Energy. A former World Champion assists dancers and artists to reach their maximum potential

About Bonnie Diaz

Bonnie Diaz is a former Dance Champion, winning awards from 1978 - 1994. She is still active in the Dance Community via adjudicating, lecturing, and organizing events throughout the United States, and has toured the world as a coach, choreographer, and performer. In addition she is also a certified Yoga, Fitness, and Pilates Master instructor.

Ms Diaz has received Divine Energy Transmissions, experiencing her own transformation, verified by evidence based scientific experiments as cited on GoogleScholar.com. She is able to harness the Divine Universal Life-force, and use it to help you enhance your Artistic endeavors and everyday life, as well as your beloved Fur Babies.

Ms. Diaz is NOT a medical Doctor, and does not substitute or suggest her Divine Energy Transmissions as a replacement for any kind of medical treatment, but it couldn’t hurt!

Ms Diaz does not treat clients under eighteen years of age, and reserves the right to refuse anyone her gifts and services.


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1 Dance Coaching + 1 Energy Transmission


3 Dance Coaching + 3 Energy Transmissions


5 Dance Coaching + 5 Energy Transmissions


Dance Coaching Only
by Appointment


3 Dance Coaching Sessions
(Save $50)


5 Dance Coaching Sessions
(Save $125)

Experience the benefits of Energy Transmissions

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Bonnie can also be booked to perform an Energy Transmission on Artists

Ms. Diaz connects the dancers spirit with the universal consciousness resulting in the increase of creative awareness, better totality of body mind and spirit and a calmer peace of mind. No matter what the competitive or performance outcome the intensified mental focus and clarity from Dynamic Energy Transmissions allows the artist to experience less stress before during and after their performances.

Bonnie also caters to our beloved pets and furred babies.

Our fur babies are our children. They are very sensitive and pick up on their humans and environmental energies just like their owners.
Let Ms. Diaz enhance your pets energies with Dynamic Energy Transmissions by helping to get rid of stress, separation anxiety and just experience more overall calmness from today's stressful world. Our fur babies can benefit from the universal life force just like their humans.

Dynamic Energy Healing Transmissions for Artists & Animals


Bonnie, as a dance instructor and with her ability to channel energies, has had an impact on many people.

Joy Hirsch

Joy Hirsch, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology
Director, Brain Function Laboratory
Departments of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Comparative Medicine
Yale School of Medicine 

Member, Integrated Neuroscience Program
Sr Investigator, Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, CT

 Professor of Neuroscience,
Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences 
University College London, London, UK
"Energy Transmission by Bonnie Diaz.
The ancient practice of healing by directing mind resources has expanded into many domains of modern life. Bonnie Diaz has studied these techniques with a master healer and is recognized for her special strengths and healing ability. She is now offering the benefits of her special talents to boost the performances of competitive ballroom dancers. This is a novel and creative direction for the conventional practice of energy transference. She provided an energy transfer before one of my recent competitions that was associated with some of my most grounded and positive experiences on the dance floor. Mental clarity under competition conditions is a goal of all athletes, and energy transference by Bonnie Diaz is an exciting new advantage for ballroom dancers."


1. What is the purpose of this energy?

A: To assist in unlocking your unlimited potential as an artist, performer, competitor and spiritual being. To bring divine awareness and consciousness to you and your creative energies.

2. Where does it come from?

A: No one knows.It has its own universal intelligence. With help from the Divine Ms. Diaz can harness and share it with those who would like to receive a transmission.

3. Is this a religion?

A: NO. The energy works independent of your religious or spiritual beliefs. Your choice of worship Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu etc...makes no difference.

4. How do I receive a transmission?

A: You are not required to make any special preparations. Just go to sleep. Ms. Diaz will transmit while you are sleeping. The energy will find you with no effort on your part.

5. Will I experience immediate benefits?

A: Every artist, competitor, performer and individual will respond differently. Some report increased mental clarity, focus while rehearsing, training or performing resulting in more confident and consistent performances. Others state a gradual improvement with overall lifestyle, experiencing
less stress and anxiety and no fear from the future.

6. Is this used as a medical practice?

A: NO. Ms Diaz does not give medical advice, discuss or recommend any type of prescriptions or medications. She does not recommend to stop any current or future medical treatment.

7. Any ill effects from these energy transmissions?

A: To date no reported adverse effects.

8. How many transmissions should I receive?

A: The more seasons you receive the quicker you will transform.
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